STYLE in GOLF with Dany Fay Golf Couture


There’s a few years, professional golfers resembled the loose household, than sports elite, but it is different now.

Current golf champions and players are stylized, beautiful and tanned back their skirts, showing their legs, knot scarves in their hair and wear diamonds.
Yes, golf is also the glamor and femininity on the green!

Many women crunch for golf. Normal: it is a beautiful sport, relaxing, civilized, very Zen and a perfect place for networking.

In addition, nowadays the women who play golf not only spend their time in the clubhouse but, as they are generally more flexible and more responsive than men, they play very well. They adopt a style of play that has character, and playing golf is for some, a sign of social success and, above all, assert their femininity on the green.

For this, „DANY FAY GOLF COUTURE“ is the fashion brand designed especially for you ladies.IT IS NOT ALL TECHNIQUE, IT IS ALSO STYLE!”

Feminine, edgy and extravagant, a collection, that combines premium fashion & Golf sports for the sophisticated women. From hole 1 up to the clubhouse.


Does the brand fancy you?
We will be pleased to show you the entire collection.
For B2B sales inquires, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dany Fay Golf Couture GmbH


DANY FAY GOLF COUTURE GMBH, Konstanz  /  & JAANTE GmbH  Zürich, Switzerland  / /


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