The Face Behind Dany Fay Golf Couture

Meet Daniela Fay the Master Mind ‚ÄúBridging the gap between Fashion and Golf“

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What is Dany Fay Golf Couture about        

DF: I try to conquer a niche within a niche with Dany Fay Golf Couture, essentially building a bridge between fashion & (Golf)sports. The brand introduces a new concept into the market for the Golf lady; which is the idea of a collection that allows the sportive Golf-lady  to express her style and femininity on the Golf course, but in a practical way.

Why did you feel the need to create  Golf Apparel specifically for women

DF: Some time ago i went to a Pro-Shop to buy my son new Golf shoes. I decided to pick up a beige sweater for him,and asked the shop assistant for a bigger size , to which she responded „sorry madame then you have to go to the mens section because¬†this is the ladies section‚ÄĚ. As you can imagine i was shocked, the only difference between the men and womens‘ clothes were the sizes. That was the moment i decided there should be a stronger distinction between women and mens‘ golf clothes hence why i created Dany Fay.

I understand, that the Golf course is not a runway, but the market is very focused on golf apparel for men. Before Dany Fay you couldn’t find anything in  the market that was feminine, stylish or that wasn’t unisex.


How did you get into Golfing.

DF: My son has been addicted to Golf since the age of 4, and  of course him I joined him for all the trainings and since he took part in tournaments i also accompanied him for these. After 10 years of keen observation in the sidelines my friends insisted it was time for me to play the sport.

What does Fashion and Style mean to you.

DF: To me style is feeling comfortable in my clothes, and wearing clothes that suit the occasion of whatever it is i am doing at that moment. I like to feel perfect in my environment and know my clothes or style reflects where i am, who i am, and what i am doing.  My fashion sense is a reflection of the different aspects that shape my life. Example I am a business woman so i want to look elegant and smart. I am also a mother so  have to be comfortable, lastly i am a woman and a wife so I want to look attractive and feel feminine.

Lastly what do you do when you are not working on Dany Fay

DF: My free time is saved for my family & friends. I try to keep things as normal as possible in my personal life as it can get quite hectic working on Dany Fay. So i take pleasure in simple things like¬†walking ¬†the dog,¬†reading the newspaper ‚ÄěZeit‚Äú although it is 4 weeks old,¬†discussing emotional movies etc. I‚Äôm also very passionate about interior deco. I love to redecorate my home so i am always moving things around ¬†(much to my husbands dismay).



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